dzbanki filtrujące dafi
Do jug filters remove bacteria from water?
7 lutego 2019

What is the Dafi filtering jug made of and how long is its guarantee?

Dafi jugs are produced in many models, varying in capacity (from 2 to even 4 litters), colour and shape. They are made entirely of plastic or a combination of plastic elements and a glass container for filtered water. Customers have a wide selection, making it easy to choose a jug to suit their needs and taste. All materials used in the production of Dafi jugs are of the highest quality, new (not from recycling) and are approved for contact with drinking water. Plastics do not contain harmful Bisphenol A. Water filtered in filtering jugs is subjected to physicochemical, microbiological and organoleptic analysis during laboratory tests, using modern control and measurement equipment to ensure that the storage in a jug does not affect the taste, quality and purity of filtered water.

A replaceable filter cartridge is also placed in the jug. It contains activated carbon, which removes chlorine and its derivatives, as well as substances that disrupt the aroma and taste of tap water. It also contains the ion exchange resin, removing heavy metals (like lead) and softening water simultaneously. The filter cartridge placed in the jug provides healthy and clean water, free from organic and mechanical contamination. A small overall filter provides about 150-200 l of water per month, which equals 100-130 half-litter plastic bottles bought in a store. In addition, filter cartridges are fully recyclable, and using jugs and filtering bottles, we can reduce waste production by up to 26kg of plastic per year. Thanks to this, the use of filtering jugs is not only convenient, healthy and easy, but also ecological and economical, as it reduces the costs of maintaining a household.

Jugs, just like Dafi filtering bottles are covered by a two-year warranty.

* If applicable in the USA:

In addition, each user of Dafi bottles and jugs, who will download the new, My Dafi application on the phone and register a receipt, will receive an additional year of warranty