Do filters remove manganese and iron?
18 February 2019

Do the filters completely remove minerals contained in the tap water?

Modern jugs and filtering bottles are equipped with filter cartridges containing activated carbon and ion exchange resin. These two factors purify water from organic pollutants (like chlorine and its derivatives, heavy metals, pesticides or herbicides) and mechanical ones (sand, rust, sediment) and additionally soften it. It improves the aroma and taste features of water and makes it safe to drink, also for children. Purified and softened water is recommended in the prevention of, among others, kidney stones; it also helps in the prevention of micronutrient deficiencies. The Dafi range also includes filters that additionally mineralize water, enriching it with valuable magnesium ions (MineralUp).

You may also find alkaline-generating filters that increase the pH of the water and give it a negative oxidation-reduction potential and the highest degree of chlorine and organic pollutants, making it the best alternative for bottled waters (pH +). Filters in jugs and Dafi bottles do not remove the elements and microelements from the water that positively affect the human body, such as sodium, potassium, calcium or magnesium.

What do you need to remember when first using a jug or bottle?

It is important to prepare both the filter and the vessel in which the filtered water will be located. The instructions are available on the packaging. Put a filter into the jug, which should be thoroughly rinsed twice, filling the entire tank with tap water, which is then poured out. The filter for the bottle should be rinsed under running cold water after approx. 30 seconds after removal from the packaging. Fill the bottle in 2/3 with cold water, place the filter in it. Shake the bottle vigorously several times to rinse the filter, and then repeat all activities. After this preparation, you can normally use a jug or bottle, adding only tap water. It is also necessary to change the filter every 4 weeks regularly to guarantee the highest quality of the cleaning process.