What is the Dafi filtering jug made of and how long is its guarantee?
1 lutego 2019
Can we store filtered water
Can we store filtered water?
11 lutego 2019

Do jug filters remove bacteria from water?

dzbanki filtrujące dafi

The process of water purification is very simple and easy. In jugs we pour tap water through a filter cartridge, placed in a jug. The jug should be thoroughly cleaned with water and detergent (dishwashing liquid) and rinsed after first use. Placing the filter element in a jug after removing it from the packaging requires proper preparation, i.e. filling the jug twice with water and pouring out already filtered water in order to rinse and vent the filter. Such preparation guarantees correct operation of the filtration process.

What is the purification of water?

The filter cartridge consists of activated charcoal, which removes chlorine and its derivatives, as well as substances disturbing the smell and taste of tap water; and ion exchange resin, which is designed to remove heavy metals (such as lead or copper). Filters additionally soften the water, so that no lime is deposited on the vessels and in devices where water is used. The filter cartridge placed in the jug provides healthy and clean water, free from organic and mechanical contamination. Tap water flows through the filter in the upper, smaller tank of the jug, and then flows into a larger container, from which we can pour it into a glass, pot or any household appliance (iron, coffee machine). Filters also do not kill bacteria and viruses that only removed by high temperatures. However, they purify all chemical impurities (e.g. pesticides and herbicides) and mechanical impurities (sand, sediment, rust). Importantly, they do not remove the elements and microelements positively affecting the human body, such as sodium, potassium or calcium, and may even further mineralize the water with valuable magnesium ions (Dafi MineralUp filter).

Is it worth using filtering jugs?

Jugs are universally used in houses. Thanks to them, we always have access to cheap, healthy and tasty water, which can be drunk directly without spending money on bottled water and later disposing of many kilos of plastic packaging. Filtered water can be used to prepare food and drinks, also for children, and it is safe for household appliances.