Can we store filtered water
Can we store filtered water?
11 lutego 2019
Do the filters completely remove minerals contained in the tap water?
26 lutego 2019

Do filters remove manganese and iron?

Water filtration at home is very popular, especially nowadays, when health and fitness care has become very common. Water is the healthiest drink, provided we are sure of its origin and attributes. Water filters can be used with flow-through filters or jugs and bottles, which are a convenient and practical solution that does not require installation at homes. Jugs and bottles are produced in various capacities, colours and have different design so you can easily adjust them to your needs.

What can filter cartridges do?

Modern home filter devices offer many possibilities. Standard filters (Dafi Standard Filter) provide excellent purification of water from chemical contaminants (like chlorine and its derivatives or heavy metals) and mechanical (rust, sand). They also reduce the water hardness, thanks to which it has better taste features and leaves no lime residue on dishes or household appliances. If we want to take special care of our appliances, such as an iron, coffee maker or electric kettle, we can choose the Dafi AntiLime filter, which has a higher ability to reduce water hardness, which extends the life of the equipment.

In turn, Dafi AlkalineUp – alkaline-generating filter increases the pH of water and gives the highest possible level of chlorine and organic pollutants. Dafi MineralUp is another suggestion as well as a filter which has an important influence on elements important for the heart and nervous system. Although there are currently no products in the Dafi range that would remove manganese and iron from the tap water, the filters purify the water from impurities and leave in it beneficial to the human body micronutrients, such as sodium, potassium or calcium, preventing their shortages. Thanks to this, filtered water at home is not only tasty, but safe for health.