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7 lutego 2019
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18 lutego 2019

Can we store filtered water?

Can we store filtered water

The water in the house can be cleaned with flow-through filters mounted on the elements of the water supply network (pipes, taps) or convenient and practical filtering jugs.

Filtering jugs provide excellent purification of tap water. Thanks to the rich offer available on the market, they meet the expectations of even very demanding customers. Jugs are made of glass and plastic, or all plastic. They can have a capacity of 2 to 4 litters, different colours, also differ in design. Place a filter cartridge containing activated carbon and an ion exchange resin in the jug. In addition to purifying attributes, the filters also soften the water, thanks to which they improve its organoleptic features (better taste, no whitish coating on drinks) and extend the life of household appliances, in which we use water (like irons, coffee makers, refrigerators with water dispenser). Less hard water also has positive impact, if we use it for body care or hair washing; it causes less irritation and does not dry the skin.

How to prepare a jug and filter?

Before its first use, the jug must be thoroughly washed and the filter cartridge inserted in it. The first two water fillings are used to vent the filter and remove any micro particles of carbon; therefore the water should be poured out. Subsequent uses do not require additional activities. Water is poured into the tank at the top of the jug, after which it flows through the filter into the larger tank. It is important to remember to regularly replace the filters, as recommended by the manufacturer; this should be done every 4 weeks. Then we guarantee that the water is always clean and healthy.

How to store water in a jug?

The rule is to filter only the amount of water we currently need for consumption or cooking if possible. If the water in the jug remains for longer, remember to use it no longer than 48h from filtering and do not expose it to direct sunlight, as it may have an adverse effect on the water. The filtered water in the jug can be placed on the fridge door and stored longer.