26 February 2019

Do the filters completely remove minerals contained in the tap water?

Modern jugs and filtering bottles are equipped with filter cartridges containing activated carbon and ion exchange resin. These two factors purify water from organic pollutants (like […]
18 February 2019

Do filters remove manganese and iron?

Water filtration at home is very popular, especially nowadays, when health and fitness care has become very common. Water is the healthiest drink, provided we are […]
11 February 2019
Can we store filtered water

Can we store filtered water?

The water in the house can be cleaned with flow-through filters mounted on the elements of the water supply network (pipes, taps) or convenient and practical […]
7 February 2019
dzbanki filtrujące dafi

Do jug filters remove bacteria from water?

The process of water purification is very simple and easy. In jugs we pour tap water through a filter cartridge, placed in a jug. The jug […]
1 February 2019

What is the Dafi filtering jug made of and how long is its guarantee?

Dafi jugs are produced in many models, varying in capacity (from 2 to even 4 litters), colour and shape. They are made entirely of plastic or […]